Written By 
Abimbola Olaboye 

The Wild West, aka the Old West, was an astoundingly awesome period in American history that every person who has ever played Red Dead Redemption wants to emulate. Now, clearly pop culture has turned much of the true West into legend.
 Many a great people have claimed association or connection to the west. Be it movie stars,music stars especially rappers,sheriffs and the list goes on and on. The west in their minds is a place that places them among the most powerful, toughest, sharp survival instinct, the richest,the most commanding and the most respected small elite class of specially gifted people.
Though there were never quick-draw artists who could shoot a six gun out of your hand with another six gun. #This reminds me of my friend RANGO# But the basics were true.
  I once had a connection with the west,though not what you think. I met a lady,*coughs* she was sooooooooooooooooooooo..................................................................... let the poem explain who she was and her challenges.

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Towards the tail of teens,
so beautiful yeah really really tempting,
dainty body in yellow and green,
thought she could do everything,
but he would never allow her to live up the dreams.

That singled her out among her pears,
never shouts or screams,
rather as silent as grave.

Let me quickly tell you about her,
striving to improve
so that she would never be disapproved

in the race to live forever.

shes is as good as gold,
when talking about beauty you'll compare her to the rainbow,
everything around her seems perfect,
comparable to bed of roses.

But she has a big problem,
easily approached by admirers,
from Nigeria even to overs,
some are serious while others dubious,
sharp guys wanna take over,
they must be so shocked when their intended route was blocked.

Her foremost admirer,
had the name of an Israelite leader,
anytime they are caught,
even if it's not the girls fault,
she always suffers the excrutiating pain of a belt,
no matter how she felt.

Look straight into her eyes,
what you'll see is love in disguise,
struggling each day so that it won't rise,
as she cant pay the price,
the crown is not nice,
and more so he could see truth in lies.

 Had the opportunity to meet her,
I asked her,
what is the strongest thing in that heart,
that she's dying to figure out????

Listen please_as you hear something like this:

"Have always believed it,
 that for love am fit,
 but they kept me like a precious football kit,
 not even allowing me to move a bit,
 he calls it sheet,
 if you disobey he can beat you until the milk is spilt,
 Perhaps you'll meet yourself under the ground 6 ft"

This is my experience as I traveled seven degrees to the west
 her love has been long locked down
 one day it would be free
 then everybody including him will see
 what freedom to love could be!


By Abimbola Olaboye 

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