Paradise Poem; A World Without Tears

Paradise Poem....A World Without Tears -

Think of a world, a world without tears ... Rev. 7:14
Where a man can live for a thousand years .... Isa. 33:34
With never a grief, an ache or a pain ..Rev. 24:3-5
And never a thought of dying again ... Isa. 25:8

Think of a world where a man plants a vine ... Ps. 107:37
He can sit in it's shade and say 'This is mine'.... Isa. 22:25
He will dwell in the house his own hands have made ... Isa. 65:21
And none shall molest him, or make him afraid .. Mic. 4:4
Think of world without bloodshed and strife ... Ps. 46:9
Where no man can take another man's wife ... Prov. 12:28
Where man everywhere will unite in peace ... Ps. 37:11
And malice and hatred forever will cease ... John 13:35
Think of a world as a green paradise ... Isa. 36:12
Where mountains and deserts dazzle your eyes ....Isa. 53:12
With bountiful flowers, trees and skies ... Isa. 3: 1, 2
With animals, birds and butterflies ... Ps. 10: 24
Think, just as sure, as God's word is truth .... John 17:17
A man will go back to the days of his youth ... Job 33:25
His flesh will become as the flesh of a child...
And the words that he speaks will be gentle and mild. Matt. 5:5
Think of a world where a lame man will leap ... Isa. 35:6
Bounding for joy, like a deer or a sheep ......
Where none will be deaf and the blind ones will see ..
And mute ones will speak and sing joyfully ... Isa. 35:6
Think of a world where men are all Brothers ... Matt. 23:8
Esteeming themselves not above any others ... Phil. 2:3
Where a man greets a man as a friend to a friend ... John 15:13-19
In a world without tears that will never end .... John 10:28
Think of a world where the dead will arise ... Jer. 31:17
From their silent tombs to a dream paradise ... John 11:23-26
To live forever in true peace and Love ... 1Cor. 16:14
And all will be cared for by the Great One above ... 1Pet. 5:6,7
Now a world without tears is not just a dream .... Heb. 6:10
To some, too good to be true it may seem ... Tit. 1:2
But just as sure, as God's word is true ... John 17:17
A world without tears now lies before you ... 2Pet.. 3:13
So if these words have opened your eyes ... Luke 21:28
Would you like to live in Earth's Paradise ..... Luke 23:43
To share all the blessings that God has in store ... 1Cor. 2:9
For all who would do His Will evermore ... Ps. 37:4
'Good News' of this Kingdom is still being sung .... Rev.. 14:6
Through out every nation and people and tongue ... Matt. 24:14
And all who are thirsting for Truth are invited .... Rev. 7:16,17
To accept this Good news, be warmly united ... Rev.7:9
In Praising our God Jehovah and King ... Jer. 10:10
Who gives to us all, our life, everything ... Ps. 36:9
So that we might live through endless years .... John 6:51
In a world without sorrow.. A world without tears ... Rev. 21:3, 4


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9 June 2016 at 23:57 delete

A life with out end indeed nice write up bro

9 June 2016 at 23:57 delete

A life with out end indeed nice write up bro