The Colourful Dancer

The Colourful Dancer
November 9, 2013

A live colourful picture, it was
A complexity of colours.
She has "blocked" the colours
The colours protest
Such an un-colourful combination of colours
This "colourful picture" is live
She is every colour!

I see her legs wobble
I see her body wriggle
I see her hands rattle off
But for the sounds from the speaker
The best description
Exorcism session, would have been
My eyes were caught
In the flash of the moment
She had won the admiration of my eyes
I bowed my hat
But for my heart
It's admiration she had not won
She lacked the eyes
Those ones like cats
She was tireless like the ants
This acrobatic dance of hers

Such pleasure she enjoys
Such noise she makes sense of
Such delight I find bizarre
Distastefully unpleasurable
I would speak
Not of my admiration
I'm just the bloke who puts it down on paper
The silent observer


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