The Done of The Dawn

The done of The Dawn.

The dawn is cast. 
The dawn of a new day.
The dawn without light.
The dawn not bright.
The void of vortex.
The sage knows this:
Wisdom is best concealed.  

The dawn of terror.
In minds of horror.
And in the reigns of Herod.
Our minds fleeceable.
Into redefining terror.
Into oblivion.
The aftermath falls. 
Consequences of the dawn!
Who cares?? 
They propose:
"We will kill for the dawn."
" Dance for the dawn."
"Sing to the dawn.".
" Laugh with the dawn."
"Eat to the dawn."
Above all...
"Live for the dawn."
Like I care!!!
Like I care about the suffering afterwards.
The pennylessness.
The hunger.
The voice of the man on the street.
The Death!
Like I care!!!
I care less.
Like they care less.

The man on white hairs.
He saw hands go up in horror.
Voices scream out in death.
Bloods seeking retribution.
The new dawn ain't the change.
The much talked about change.
The new dawn is a change.
A change of me and they.
A change as though no change.
From one delusion to another.
Will they ever be done with the dawn?
A question for God,
They say!

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