The Streets i used to love

The Streets I Used To Love.
June 12, 2014

The streets we used to love
Now those streets we dread
The streets we sleep
Ain't have those streets no more
The streets we grew up in
The streets children play
Now are quiet
The streets we run on pants
Those streets we fear to go

The streets of zoars
Now streets NUISIBLE
The streets children scream, playing
Now rammed with gunshots

The streets we used to know eachother
Strangers lurk
The streets we used to know
Those streets now alien
The streets of mud in the rain
The streets we play football
The streets we rolled tyres
Those streets police patrol
Those streets now battle grounds
The streets we spread mats on
And hear stories of tortoise
The streets our fathers sat
Discussing politics till twilight
Those streets we ply now
At noon, with caution
Those streets now dangerous at vesper
Those streets been taken over
By men of shadows
Those streets people get shot
Those streets children go missing
Those streets now we fear
The streets I used to know
Those streets now mysterious
The streets I live in
The streets I used to love
Those streets I want out.

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