Beneath Still Waters - Ojo Olayinka Peters

The red sea stood tall and still
A standing ovation by nature at d whims of a rod
Thoughts of you my heart makes still
I cringe when i hear not a word

Vacant is my heart, your place is now a space
Filled with emptiness like a black hole in space
Days, now years, I'm still amazed
Like a blind rat lost in your maze

With you i got confused
With time it got profuse
Against the pros and cons
I won't blow the fuse

Love is wonderful!
Not when you are the wandering fool
Suspended like a weary cloud
In daylight I'm lost in a shroud

Save your tears for those alive
Save your juice,  the 5'alive
The seed of love i kept and nurtured
Died in my eyes, gored by a vulture

Now I'm cold and lonely
Because i don't own you only
Hope sinks,  now despair is afloat
I mope and grope beneath still Waters.

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