To The Lady Behind A Glass - Uche Duru

With eyes sublime you stare.
On your face, I see a glare.
You just stand there staring.
How so much your beauty is glaring!
You just stare and wear a smile.
It's the first thing I see, the prime.
I'll smile with you
Even if it's a crime
I'll go further to write you a grime.
As I sit alone in lockup.
In silence, I'll write my grime.
I shall write About
Your enchanting eyes.
The eyes of enchantress.
Pulling me closer like a haul.
I shall write about
It's alluring magneticalness
It's conjuring attractiveness.
How to your esteemed air canals.
It's become a perfect combo.
This absence of flaw is a flaw!

Get on the floor! Get jealous!
Oh! You lass of pencil beauty.
For her foxiness outruns yours.
Oh! Dolly bird of chocolate lips.
Lips that locks.
Locks you in a trance.
In a self-trance.
Oh! Daisy dandy!
See your dilly doozy self
Through my tiny luminous eyes.
Come closer
See your world through my eyes.
Be my Lollapalooza
And I your armour.
Let's leave this ruin of civilization
Into Neverland, we port.
Where beauty does not fade.
Where your splashiness is indelible
But here I am with slack face.
Cos all I have is you
You behind a glass
A glass on a device.
A device I carry about
I carry about
In my pocket.

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😁😁😁😁😁 lovely write up