I can't sleep, why do I have to go through another night alone?
Then I remember it's just for a little while longer, so I cry myself to sleep.
Oh! See!! Its a beautiful day...to face all alone, yet again.
I say a prayer, and begin the day's activities.
With my head held up high, I appear to be doing just fine.
Then yet again, I see a pair of lovers giggling as they walk by.
Hmmm. 'When will my lover come?'
I look to the sky and smile, 'I'll have those moments soon enough'.
Then evening comes, and I slowly walk home.
I feel the breeze caress my skin. 'Oh!, it feels so good'.
With my eyes closed for some seconds, I feel alive.
I could feel my Prince charming holding my hands as we slowly walk by.
I shrug the thoughts off, put up a smile and elegantly walk on.
I'll have all of these moments and more soon enough.
I have to be strong for myself, I just have to be.
All I need to do is to keep going.
Because very soon, My lover will come!

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