BECAUSE I'M A WOMAN - Ojo Olayinka Peters

They say "you can't give what you don't have"
The world can't contain what I do have
Like sunset yellow my beauty shines
Against harsh elements my love is a fort

Am I a lady or a woman?
Honestly I really don't know
I'm both, depends on the view
I love myself - not selfishly - but selflessly

Some call me weak
I'm the epitome of strength
I'm an awesome compliment
Even when some don't complement

My life's not perfect
Like a village school prefect
With me you can't miss the effect
Beyond a generation - my choices affect

I'm strength in a frail frame
Hope for those with failed aim
Life with me is never a game
Side by side we achieve the aim

I view life outside the box
It's not all about muscles like an ox
I'm incredible, quite not a hulk
I don't deal in pieces I go for bulk

I bleed to make life a viable seed
I cry when that's just what I need
I give my all even with plea
I take my stand even when men flee

Because I'm a woman
I never regret my role
Without me life is not whole
I will never swap for being a man

Dedicated to Ajani Blessing... With Love

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