The Love Of Betrayal - Ọjọ Olayinka Peters

Sanity is infirm
Madness is in fame
Day and night are dark the same
With glory on the wall of shame

Hate reeks in your breath
Fungi thrive on your bread
You offer poison for breakfast
With you my heart breaks fast

You lie to me when I lie with you
You spike my drink with hypo
"I will kill you " was your typo?
Still, I will never call you a bimbo

I see the concealed dagger with its rust
Though never earned, I gave you my trust
Aim right at my heart, go ahead and stab
Won't hurt as much as the stab in the back

Your lips remind me of a kiss in the garden
Like a hard boiled egg, you fast harden
There's an ouch in your tender touch
You light the tree house with naked torch

Betrayal is savoury like suya
The joy of conceit
Even with loya milk you're quite disloyal
The sweet juice of deceit

Do you call this rage?
Rather it's haemorrhage
My heart bleeds in black ink
So heavy that in a drop of water would sink

The love of betrayal is vague
Eating bone deep like a plague
Falsehood that seems so keen
Like a diamond that lost its Sheen

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I love deep n piercing