Written By 
Uche Jehovah's Son Duru (Enigmatism)


I'm beginning to hate lagos as much as i like it.
I hate d traffic.
I hate the noise and air pollution.
I hate the heat.
I hate the epileptic power supply.
I hate the high transport fare.
I hate the touts
Who extort motorists simply trying to make a living.
I hate the fact that i have to see half naked girls on the streets.
live pornography!!!  
I hate the jobless guys,
who wake up very early to argue about football.
I hate the drunk and high drivers
who drive like lifeless zombies
longing to die in an accident.
I hate the smell of weed and cigaretts on the street.
I hate the deafning prayers from religous bigots
who incessantly ask God to kill their enemies.  

I hate the sound of generators;
that prevents you from having a good night sleep.
I hate the insecure nights,
You just have to be home before twilight.
I hate the dirty environment,
the gutters littered with nylon and cans.
I hate the stagnant gutters,
breeding swans of mosquitoes buzzing all around you
Pretty annoying!
I hate the greedy landlords,
With exorbitant rents,
and with speaker-like voices
scaring heaven and hell out of their tenants.
I hate to see the poor young girls
with a baby clinging on their back
begging kind-hearted passers-by for their next meal.
I hate to see the young guys sitting in front of their house in the morning
waiting for a particular girl in the street to pass by so they can get her number.
I hate to hear the senseless guys boast about their sexual escapades,
A monumental achievement unheard of since the founding of the world.
I hate the guys with 10 girlfriends.
Acting like greedy capitalist.
I hate the men who drink dry Gin.
Drooling their words and acting like craze.
All stinking and looking pale.
I hate the maniac drivers.
Who press the horn incessantly.
Like its a toy for adults.
I hate the nasty motorcyclist.
Who try to outrun me, and outrun you, and outrun the wind.
Rushing madly to their graves.
I hate to see the accidents on the highways.
Poor victims of the ruthless machine.
I hate the boys who sit behind the computer screen.
All day long in the cyber-cafe.
Who make more money.
Than those who work round the clock.
I hate the rams who fight.
Just to satisfy man's insatiable desire for violence.
I hate the young girls.
Who compete to get pregnant.
A passport to marriage?
I hate the fact that there are more religious houses than workplaces.
I hate the mosquitoes causing malaria.
Makes me wanna question Noah for allowing them into the ark.
I hate the "big boys."
Who have their "waist" on their buttocks.
Looking like free convicts.
I hate the full-time housewives
Who make a fad of every situation
Wish there is an award for gossiping.
I hate those houses like penitentiary 
Walls high as babel's tower.  


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