Only In Time

Its only in time 
Building houses on clouds 
Cars run on water 
Planes take off without a sound 

The sun goes round the moon 
Urine's highly inflammable 
Rats live for a century 
Only in time 
An unsolved mystery 
A riddle 
No man can solve 
Deaths and births 
Thank Goodness
Its just a dream. 

The moon smiles sycophantly 
Betraying centuries of trust 
Wobbling the earth downside up 
Mourners smiling 
Smiling in agony 
After a small medium at large 
Seniors have sat 
Reciting unsolved riddles 
Telling a story with no end 
Black toothpaste  
Purple teeth 
Spoke menacingly 
An indignant smile 
Making my eyes turn 
Like a man drunk in water

I lit a candle 
With light from a bulb 
In a room with no doors 
No windows 
No openings 
I stepped out 
An happy shock 
Standing on the edge of the world 
The last man standing 
The only one left 
The earth's not moving 
Stars shine brighter than sun 
A cloudless sky 
A pink sky 
With a dazzling rim of gold 
The sky dazzled 
Its only flaw, ironically 
Is its perfect beauty 
It was just a dream! 

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