In the name of God
A man and a woman is joined.
With that a word is coined.

Some call it.
An enduring relationship.
To some it is.
The beginning of a new beginning.
Now i wonder, what is marriage?
A union between a man and a woman?

Isn't it anomaly?
A man comes out and say.
"I am the husband"
Another man comes out and say

"I am the wife"
The traditional view is obsolete!
God should have created Adam and Steve.
Or Joy and Eve.

We all smile.
And sign papers.
And vote in sinking our morals
In the name of freedom.
By the time we realize that
Freedom is Slavery,
We would have been poisoned by
The same Water we treated with our own hands.
Sadly, the same leaders of morals
Have been acclimatized into this new found way-of-life.
A diversion from the traditional view of marriage.

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