NOTE: This Poem was inspired by the song 'Missing You' by Case

I'm missing you 
Like the cold without the rain
Like the brain without pain 
Like an indigent who feigns
I'm missing you. 
Like the snow falling down in june 
Like the cock crowing at noon
Like the night without the moon 
I.m missing You
Like harmattan in august 
Like snows in Death Desert 
Like the stars that twinkles not 
I'm missing you

Standing here, looking out the window 
The night is cold 
And, i.m missing You  
Like the day without the sun 
Like sailors on a cloudy night
Like the woods without leaves 
I.m missing you 
If i had one wish 
The wish would be clear. 
This one's for T.S 

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14 August 2015 at 01:38 delete

Dude, i had always wanted to have a copy of these poem... for reference purpose.... i have it now... by the way, i want to add my poem

14 August 2015 at 01:49 delete

i tried sending you a poem..seems that email is wrong...

A Dirge for mother Nature

Come on children, lets sing a song
Lets sing of fields soo green
Lets sing of sky so blue
Lets sing of happy birds clapping feathers so hued

Come on children, lets sing a song
Lets sing of the earth so great
Lets sing of heroes decades a gone
Whose brave legs trod the soil beneath our feet

Come on children, lets sing a song
Lets sing of the ocean so vast
Lets sing of the whale basking in the sun
Of crocs with an open mouth
Waiting for the next meal
God saves the unwary prey

Come on children, lets sing a song
Of the wonders all around
Lets sing pocohontas song
With the voices of the mount
Lets sing of the colours all around
Painting visions even davinci cant

Come on children, lets sing a song
Of mother nature and her alone
Come on children, lets sing a song
Our last for mother earth
The sky is dark
Fields ablaze in reddish inferno
Chirping birds roasting in the heat
Or in furnance of the VIP

Come on children, lets sing a song
For its about to rain
But Alas, its not a rain
For mother mature cries
And we,
Only we
Will get flooded by her tears

Come on children
Lets sing a dirge
For alas, we sing
A song we will never sing again.

…………….. Imoh Richard.

14 August 2015 at 01:50 delete


Sometimes I wonder,
What makes us so thick,
I sit and pounder
Why we cant ever part

Just then I remember
Our vey own secret
Spanning years so younger
When around mama’s sweet meal we sat

When just like thunder
Emotions clash
Oh, I recall mamas face gone sour
Hoping to control another fight

And yet content only to prayer
Knowing the folly of taking sides
Because of course we are brothers
And brothers fight

In the day we fought
But brothers we still are
In the night we fight
Such and endless tide

Woe betides any woman
To have the four of us
But mama did
Having no other

In the house
Fight we did
When we go outside
Woe on any
To raise a hand any
Of the brothers
Because we are brothers,
And brothers protect brothers

And guess that’s what make the sword sharper

imoh richard