To My Loving Phone (Nokia 3110c)

Here I am,
All alone.
I am not lonely because
Loneliness is always with me.
Not my best friend.
I have a friend
One i can't seem to live without.
Like best friends, we are always together
Leaving home without him is a cause for panic
Not really that he his mute,
But we can't communicate.
He serves as a mediator
Between me and my other friends.
He fits right into my pocket 
We live in a technological year, remember?
Some think i'm addicted
To this my friend,
My phone

They may be right!
But then,
It serves as my company
When i'm alone and lonely.
Its my means of reaching out to friends
I'll probably never gonna meet.
Its not my whole life!
Its the whole me inside a device
I carry about in my pocket.
I Hope it never ever goes missing!!!

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15 August 2015 at 12:54 delete

Ode to My Nokia Phone... Hehe... Nice