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Paul BushMan

What if I was a proud owner of a financial empire
And I had enough to last us till we, in death, retire?

What if I had my name earmarked for the history pages
And I increased in wisdom till I was the envy of the sages?

What if even chose to live all my life a clown
Just for you, ?cause I hate to see you frown?

What if I wanted, at night, to lie so close to you
Having said those nuptial vows, promising to be true to you?

What if you told me you loved my monster stature
And you turn down fine-looking men's daily sexual overtures?

What if you saw through my eyes that love, I am not faking;
That I am ready to do all I can to have you for the taking?

And when one of those times you and I enjoy being refreshed by the morning dew
What if I placed a ring on your finger cause  I want to marry you

Will you marry me?

#Paul Bushman

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