Written By
Adegbile Samson Adeniyi 

The black man’s disease
Killing more than a million daily
Spread by a small insect called “mosquito”
You are the only one who scared the Westerners off Africa
You killed more than HIV or AIDS yearly
Tuberculosis can’t be compared to you
Hepatitis cannot stand your scourge
Neither is cancer a match to you
Oh malaria!

How come you are the black man’s disease?
Africa is my home; besides
Many Africa states share suffix with me
Algeria is my bedroom
Ethiopia is my living room
Gambia is my labour room
Liberia is my playing ground
Namibia is my gymnasium
Nigeria is my market place
Tanzania is my place of work
Tunisia is my research centre
Zambia is my palace

East and west
North and south
Length and breadth
Transversely and longitudinally
You bisected Africa with your plaque
The only disease all Africans suffers from
Have you seen an Africans without malaria throughout his life time?
Probably he never stayed on the soil of the continent
At their town; there you have the town hall meetings
Inside the village you held your meetings
By the city gate your company is located
In the hamlet, you reside
In their hut you dwell
Oh malaria!

Why have you choose Africa as your home?
Have you seen their dirty environment?
Do you notice their bushy surroundings?
Is your mind fix on the stagnant water nearby?
Do they have a net on their windows?
If they do, is it properly fixed?
How many houses have insecticide treated net?
Now, tell me why I won’t choose Africa
More so, it is only in Africa I got applauded
Whenever my vector bite, they clap
Clap! Clap!! Clap!!!
“Thank you for the good work”
“Continue and increase the pace of your work”
They said, turning the left leg for me to bite

Can Africans save themselves from this slavery?
Can they break free from this bondage?
Who will save Africa from this enemy?
Can it be reduced to the minimum?
What is the panacea for malaria?
Can it be eradicated or subdue?
Is it tameable?
Oh yes!

Although I have enveloped them
Yes I have besieged Africa with my wrath
Like an army camping round a fortified city
But the battle is not over yet
Africa can be free from my slavery
Only if Africans will fight me to the finish
Knowing that the fear of malaria is good health
Never allow a mosquito to bite you
Close all windows
Use insecticides treated net
Get rid of all mosquitoes breading places
Flit your room with insecticides always
Endeavour to have a clean environment
Cut and trim your lawn and bushy surroundings
If mosquito should bite you accidentally, visit a medical doctor
Use anti malaria drug regularly and religiously
Remember prevention is better than cure
And you can be sure to say
 Goodbye malaria!

Niyasdec 2015.

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