Written By 
Adegbile Samson Adeniyi 

Love is in the air
I wonder why you cannot hear
In the morning it kept crying
At night it is wailing
Saying to the whole world what is endearing
Enduring what the whole world thought is annoying
Addressing what the whole world is suppressing
Sacrificing what is mutually important
Motivating what seams depressing
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

All this while I kept on waiting
Wait, wait, wait it seems unending
End it now it keep multiplying
Multiply it roots and get the square root
Square it up and get the answer
Answer me now it takes forever
For better for worst that’s my desire
Desiring good things just isn’t a crime
Cleaving to you all my life
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

Imagination of you has kept my emotion
Mounting up courage is still an illusion
Illustrating such an image is not my mission
Emitting the picture is my own production
Producing such a union is God’s creation
Creating the condition lies in our relation
Relating together what is in our emotion
Emulsifying your love is my vision
Loving you all my life is my pleasure

Whenever I look into the sky I saw her face
Face me now, no she cant
Can’t we be in love? “Yes we can”
Then be my love she said she can’t
Why can’t you? “I can’t explain”
Explain to me so I can comprehend
“Comprehending my actions that’s your assignment”
Assigning you honour that’s my concern
“Being concerned shows your love”
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

There is time for everything is what I was taught
Thought of you never depart me
Missing you is now a common thing
Common commodity is not what you are
You are so real so is my feelings
Feelings of love is what I felt
Faulting the feelings is what I can’t
Casting the lot is not my path
Parting way is not my love
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

For a prize, there is always a price
Pricing you has some cons
Concentrating on them make me nervous
Being nervous is not a weakness
But waking up to the reality
Realizing what it means is not beans
Being too close is not ideal
Idealists are just philosophers
My love for you is not philosophy
Loving you all my life is my pleasure

How I wish you are a bit younger
Age and love. Which is the determinant?
Determination is just essential
Essentially as one’s state of origin
Being from a far state is a subtraction
Subtracting a point result in dislocation
Location at times can create a distance
Distancing in love is a distraction
Distractions in life can never distant my love
Loving you all my life is my pleasure

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
Riding on in your love is still my wish
Wishing for the best is my prayer
Praying about it seems frustrating
Frustration in life cause confusion
Confusing idea light up my mind
Minding those ideas results in problems
Problematic situations keep surfacing
Facing them all is still a misery
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

A capable wife who can find?
Finding you out of the crowd was challenging
Challenging myself has been rewarding
Reward of my search is comforting
Comforting myself with love results in despair
Disappearance of your love just isn’t coming
Coming to the reality put scar in my heart
Heart of man is where love resides
Residing in your love is my aim and desire
Loving you all my live is my pleasure

If love is a crime then I am a criminal
Criminating your love still in process
Processing such love create in me a vacuum
The vacuum in my heart can only be filled by you
You love me just as I do
Doing all I can to make it a reality
Real love is truly refreshing
Fresh air re-echo your love in the air
Breathing in air is breathing in your love
Loving you all my life is my pleasure.

Niyasdec 2015

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