Beneath Still Waters. -- Ojo Olayinka Peters

We shared something so common
Yet sometimes so rare
All came true
My dream and my fear
There is a meow in your every step
I love your cat walks
Your smile could cause an eclipse
More a delight is the taste of your lips
The movement behind you is like landslide
Sequential in every glide
I'm training my eyes to be godly
Why won't i stare at a godess?
Beneath still waters
My eyes still water
The dead sea in the eyes of the living
What could be saltier?
Wish you never left
What could be loftier?
I'm no longer part of your school
Where i fit in the drama is where i play the fool
How did i suddenly fall out of class?
I walk bowed like grass
Water stands like glass when i bathe
The silence is high-pitched like brass
There is more to you than meet the eyes
A tip of the ice berge
I lie in d ocean bed submerged
Used to feel like a hero
Now i'm left sub-zero
Beneath the still waters
My heart beat falters
Maybe a miracle would bring life back to me
Maybe a kiss of life will do
But i remain frozen in time
If any cartoon will give you a clue
You can tune in for ice age
That ticking clock in glue is my age.

By Ynaxea Kingsdroid

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8 September 2016 at 10:50 delete

This is wonderful,wish i could read it to the girl that broke my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!