Midnight Memories - Imoh Richard

In a cloudless night out i lay
in my hood in a day in May
thought i should look up and gaze
stare at the moon and its beauty glaze
shining brightly in the cloudless sky
oh for such beauty i wanted to cry
Then i remembered her
I recalled the memories of times afar
memories of times when she was not so far
when on cloudless night like this one
we sit,saying nothing,looking beyond
when we held hands and slept
fearing that nothing should us split
on that spring night night outside
when our hearts was tied by a cord inside
when we listen with our hearts
to the love song of the frog at night
Oh memories of time when you and me was right
Now I see a star falling from the sky
if i should wish, hoping a fairy passes by
i wish you could see this sky with me

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