By Uche Duru 

Sometimes I hurt
And you too I hurt
So I wanna apologize.
For everything I have done .
The things I am doing.
And the things I will yet do. 

I am sorry am a wacky fellow.
One who didn't tell when you wrong.
I am sorry I am placid.
Never giving the vibe to make you active.
I am sorry for the quietness.
The talklessness and thoughtlessness.
The churlishness and boorishness.
I am sorry I hurt you
With words and silence I cut you.
With arrogance I broke you.
I took a bus ride to Gusau.
And left you right beside me .
I took the ladder of your feet.
On the rooftop with nothing to climb.
I watched you reach me in the dark.
Your hands searching but my eyes closed.
I saw care in your words.
Emotions in your thoughts.
I know it's hurting,
Both I and you.
I am sorry for the honesty.

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